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Former Employee - Patient Care Technician says

"They place you in what they call "cottages" with mentally unstable felons by yourself. Being a 21 year old female, that's a huge red flag for me. If you're night shift from 10PM to 7AM who would you call for help? Just don't work here. Management is sketchy too."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Uncaring and dishonest owners of the company. They do not respect and value employees, and treat them terribly. Morale is often low in workplace due to continual lies and deception, and the work load they dump on management, and they do not care to fix it. High turnover due to this."

None (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend anyone to send their love one here let alone work here. MANAGEMENT DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEM, they are unprofessional, unorganized, there’s no advancing unless your kissing behind. They pay rate is not enough for the work they want you to do. The program managers are very unprofessional and play a dirty game unless they like you."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Management creates a culture of fear. Does not value their employees no matter how hard you work. Lot's of turn around with employees. Very discriminatory.NoneHostile Leadership, Low Pay"

DCW (Current Employee) says

"Hires anyone that shows up just so a shift is covered it’s like a reality sitcom seriously if you are really compassionate about making a difference in people lives or love helping others this isn’t the place for you don’t waste your time you can be your best but if you don’t fit in their social group they will use the “AT WILL rule"

Direct Support Professional (DSP) says

"poor management (unorganized, dishonest, unprofessional) The residents aren’t getting the best care or even the full care they are entitled to. Very negligent environment. Employee requires that you stay on duty when relief doesn’t show for their shift, causing you to accumulate extended hours without eating or sleeping and preventing you from tending to normal tasks and personal life/goals. Poor pay for the demand. Unappreciative organaiztion."

DSP (Former Employee) says

"They say they offer benefits - but with the pay being so low there is no possible way to afford their benefits. I was lied to from the time I interviewed, told I was going to get all these perks - didn't see any of them, Stressful work environment, management picks favorites - not based on job performance, based on friendships - and if you aren't kissing the management's behind, you will not advance at this company. - not that you should want to. Would not recommend to anyone looking for direct care work - any place will treat you better than Turning Leaf."

Direct Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with the residents. However the management was terrible and they were so short staffed that it made working there awful. I learned a lot but would not recommend anyone work for this company."

Business Services Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Hostile work environment and horrible communication between employees and management. They set people up to fail by making job roles impossible to fulfill.NoneLow pay, expensive employee contribution for benefits, expect salaried employees to work minimum 60 hrs per week"

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work, poor management, nobody cares for the residents and they stopped doing overtime because they’re so cheap. Please do not send your family here, find somewhere else because it is really that awful. This place should have been shut down years ago.NoneDon’t get paid overtime when your relief doesn’t show up, they cut your check even if you do work overtime, nobody treats the residents with generosity."

Residential Services Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company that I would NOT recommend working for or even receiving services through. I worked in executive management and found the co-owners (who are all family btw) to be bullies who were dishonest, disgraceful and cut throat. Often yelling at employees, promoting a bullyish and awful company culture. Poorly treated employees. Do yourself a favor and find another human services organization to work for to avoid being abused!"

DCW (Former Employee) says

"As a former employee, this company is a disgrace on how they treat the staff, and clients with disabilities. Too many family and friends who work there with no type of degrees or certifications. You have Program Managers who are one-sided narcissistic who think about themselves. The clients loose out the most of their benefits. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND MY DOG TO WORK AT TURNING LEAF!!!!!"

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for three months, it was disgusting and the workers were very unprofessional. The home was dirty and the pay was way below what staff deserved. I would never recommend anyone working for this company.Nothing!Lack of professionalism, rude management, non existent flexibility, click environment, lack of hours, poorly ran etc."

Support staff (Former Employee) says

"The owners of the company are very dishonest. They promise you things in the beginning upon hire but do not deliver. They treat their staff poorly and then do not take any responsibility for the treatment of them, and just keep repeating the same mistakes. Which is why they have such a high turnover. They do not offer vacation pay unless you have been there for three years. They constantly try to micromanage and interfere with the quality of life of the people that they are supposed to be serving.Providing the best care that you can to the consumers. Working with a great team, despite the owners and administration trying to tear teams apart.Not valued by owners/Administration, no matter how hard you work."

DCW (Former Employee) says

"Owned by a "family" who treats staff disrespectfully, lies and manipulates on a regular basis. Bottom line is money, not client care.Benefits are terrible and they dump as much work on you as they can for little pay. Their goal is to make as much money as they can and have no interest in the well being of clients in their homes, but pretend to. Plus side is the relationships built with clients and direct supervisors, who really try to make a difference, but don't stay due to upper management/ hostile work environment. Turnover is high and homes never can keep good staff.Relationships with clients and SupervisorsNo benefits, owners treat staff terribleyIt is apparent that your employment with Turning Leaf was unsatisfactory and for that we are sorry. We do, however appreciate that you found value in the positive relationships you had with both our clients and direct Supervisors. We would like to provide a few facts on a number of points addressed here. Turning Leaf RRS, Inc. has updated its compensation package as of April and based on market research we offer a competitive pay scale when comparing with other residential rehabilitation service providers in the State. Also, Turning Leaf provides eligible staff with a comprehensive benefit package that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage as well as paid time off and an employer matched 401K.Feel free to visit our Q & A link above for more information."

DSP (Direct Support Professional) says

"This company is ran by unprofessional management with to many disrespectful people in charge of the place. No knowledge of how to run the company and or how to train a proper staff to do so."

Patient Care Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place should not be in business. They put 20 year old females like myself alone in what they call "cottages" with up to 7 convicted felons. I once had a concern that a patient/client was a convicted felon and that I was alone from 10PM to 7AM overseeing them. One of the managers said, "oh he's not aggressive." This felony is a forcible and aggressive act. Thanks but no thanks. If you value your safety please don't work here.NonePoor management, sketchy day-to-day, safety"

No (Former Employee) says

"Condescending management and cliquish employees. If you’re a male, watch out! It’s said that’s it’s a mans world? These “ladies,” in charge are unprofessional. If you’re a woman and don’t fit in their clique, same thing. It says something when a company never takes their job posting down? Enough said. Do not work here!!!Trying to help pepoleManagement, pay, pto and so on and so fourth"

Rsa, counselor, teacher, satop instructor, mrt ins (Former Employee) says

"Working at turning leaf is a joke. They do provide you with all the credentials you need, but its only because they lack in staff. They will have you doing 3 or 4 different jobs and never raise your pay. For instance counseling, teaching, and rsa work. On your employment status they will only label you as a tech and pay you at the minimum pay even though you are doin more then what is required from a tech. If you speak your mind or opinion they will pin point you out and critisize your work till eventually you quit. They pick favorites and let the clients do as they please their is no monitoring. Even though you get paid vacation and sick time you never get to use them because they overload you with work because they have no staff. Bad work environment, lack in care for employees, they pick favorites, no management skills, and no work advancing. When I left 8 people left with me.Education and licensingNo work advancement. No pay raises. No time off. Over workload."

Health Services Manager (Current Employee) says

"No one should work here. They should not even be in operation. Horrible people, horrible work environment. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to be subjected to such a nightmare.i dont work theiri worked there"

Direct Care Worker (Former Employee) says

"Issues with poor management at multiple locations. Not much opportunity for pay raises. No opportunity for career advancement. Staff turnover rate is extremely high. Would not recommend working here if you have a degree.rapport with consumers"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend. The work is not work the $10.00-$11.00 per hour, no benefits, overtime, no raises. If your comfortable making a living with little income this is the perfect job for you."

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